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911 Conspiracy Musical

Russell Hallberg Jr
Author's Note: This work is under a working title. I do not intend to show disrespest for the victims of 911.
Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License.

This is my material to initiate development a musical play about 911 and political conspiracies. It satarizes the disinformation idea of conspiracy "theories." This could equal the impact of "Hair" for the VietNam antiwar movement.
Creative contributions are needed, particularly musical score. Material contributions and links to music uploads can be posted in the Comments section. Song outlines are listed at the end of this blog.

Russell Hallberg Jr.

Inspiration for more material can be found at:

Art, popular music and culture have lagged far behind the documented exposition of September 11, 2001. Some popular artists have made statements. The musical play, Hair, was very effective fomenting the Vietnam era antiwar movement. From 1968 to 1974, music from Hair was continually on the play lists of Top 40 and many FM radio stations. There were many other popular songs of the era with an anitwar theme. This was a very effective way of reaching out. The songs reached beyond the limited few who knew what was really happening in

The journalistic exposition of 9/11 began with voluntary efforts on the Internet. The cultural exposition must begin the same way. The conspiracies are limited to those that can be prove "beyond the shadow of a doubt." These include 9/11, Prescott Bush's financing of Adolph Hitler, and Chemtrails. The existence of chemtrails is documented, although their composition and intent is still under investigation.

Agenda: To develop a popular musical about 9/11 and other conspiracies. This is in the tradition of Hair. Like the Linux computer and OpenOffice program used to write this material, it is an “Open Source” project. Anyone may use this material as they wish. Fortune follows fame, sometimes.

Here is a rough draft/outline of the project. All of the conspiracies described are substantiated by documented facts.

This play is dedicated to all of the world's people who have suffered as a result of conspiracies.
2000 AD , New York City .15 year old student studies Julius Ceaser in high school English class. Julius Ceaser's assassination is a documented, historical conspiracy. Student begins research on the Web, and discovers more information. This includes Prescot Bush's financing of Hitler and VoteScam. All US elections have been rigged since the introduction of voting “machines”. That began after Kennedy's election in 1960.

2001: Same student witnesses the WTC collapse. The songs revolve around his/her perceptions and revelations of the events and lies.

2002-5: The student interacts with his/her family trying to make them realize what has happened. Chemtrail proof is revealed.

2031: There are two doors at the front of the stage. The stage is split into two sets. Two alternative futures are presented. One is evil. It is dark, and lit in satanic tones. The truth of 9/11 has been revealed, but there is resignation. Exposure has only augmented the power of the perpetrators. The people are deceitful, conniving and lazy, They sell the lives of their own children. Perhaps a case of selling a teenage daughter into prostitution could be used. (This scenario has risen dramatically worldwide, since the downfall of the Soviet Union.) Space lasers take out dissidents.

The other future is positive and upbeat. 300 mph bullet trains connect New York, Seattle and Los Angeles. Cars are powered by hydrogen. The release of previously suppressed technology has created a worldwide economic boom. The skies are clear and blue. The land is green and lush.

The positive change has been the result of worldwide Ghandian resistance and upheaval. Instead of cooperating with conspiracies/organized crime, people have refused. Not only that, but suddenly many of those involved have begun exposing the truth.

THEME : Events like 9/11 are the result of a conspiricy filled society. Conspiracies at the lower levels serve to protect conspiracies at the top. No one wants to "rock the boat" with exposure. We will choose to be liberated or become more enslaved by conspiracies as a result of the exposure of 9/11.

Announcer defines Conspire:.
Pronunciation: k&n-'spIr
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): con·spired; con·spir·ing
Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French conspirer, from Latin conspirare to be in harmony, conspire, from com- + spirare to breathe
transitive senses : PLOT, CONTRIVE
intransitive senses
1 a : to join in a secret agreement to do an unlawful or wrongful act or an act which becomes unlawful as a result of the secret agreement b : SCHEME
2 : to act in harmony toward a common end

Announcer:: "The world owes the Bush family its gratitude, for making the conspiracies so obvious."

Julius Caeser: “Conspiracy Theory”: Assassination of Julius Ceaser is acted out on stage. Song begins with Julius standing up, with several knives and swords protruding from his body. “These theories are killing me. (He begins pulling weapons from his body, examining them as if they were theories.) If I said I thought they were plotting, would they call me a paranoid schizophrenic?”

COOKING THE VOTE: (I'm proud of this one!) The stage is set to resemble a polling place. Voters are lined up, and signing in. They go into a voting booth and begin flipping switches, etc. On the other side of the voting booth is a voting “machine”. It is made of exaggerated widgets and gizmos, made to look like the inside of a computer/voting machine. The singer/dancers pop out from various hiding places in the internal works of the machine.

The singer/dancers are wearing red, white and blue cooking outfits. I originally wanted to use only matronly types. That would satirize the League of Women Voters caught in vote tampering in the James Collier Votescam video.

SONG: Cooking the Vote; Refrain,”Cooking the vote, cooking the vote. Wherever you're not looking, we'll be cooking the vote!”

Agent Provocateur, announcer cites known historical examples. “Agent Provocateur” “It's no mystery, when you know your history, I'm the agent Provocateur. I carry a false flag, for all to see. You think it's them, but its really me.” Show historical sequence. Costumes from various era of wars. Dancers wear one flag of adversary, remove to show opposing side's flag. Use obvious, known flags, like Confederacy/US Flag; Union Jack/Us Flag; end with Swastika/US Flag.

rescott Bush song: Announcer describes Prescot's forced divestiture of Nazi investments in 1943. He also mentions how this fact was ignored by the press, even during Prescott's Senate campaigns. Also, The story of Tarkenton's book

(In an arrogant New Haven voice) "How dare they say I must divest from my best investment?!” Prescott character dancing on stage, literally in bed with woman wearing Hitler mask. Prescott's object of affection changes to woman wearing Uncle Sam outfit.

Both male and female dancers, representing Prescott Bush, Uncle Sam and Hitler. The dance is very suggestive. The scene climaxes in a "cluster" orgy.

Mohamed Atta; Lap Dances Song. Contrast true ascetic fundamentalist, worshiping Mecca, etc. on one side of stage, while Atta gets a lap dance. Atta sings about his image as a Moslem fanatic, while he gets a lap dance. Pilots who can't fly.

“Walls Tumbling Down” song. Film of WTC “squibs” in background. Dancers choreographed to act out/symbolize a small fire, controlled demolition. Side stage: Cheney-like character in control booth, pushing buttons, etc.

"Towers Down, Stocks Up." song. Authentic stock chart in background.

“Where are the Fighter Planes?” song. Missing NORAD fighters, etc. “Where are the defenses?”We spent trillions for expenses.” Something like Zweicker stuff, showing time lags. Screen with clock superimposed over zooming jets.

Flight 77 song:“Flat plane, round hole. Big plane, small hole, etc.”

Patriot Act: Song: “I've got your number now.” Show legit spooks gathering info: Credit cards transactions on Internet. Transaction info gets handed to shady characters, who tweak people's lives.

Press song “GIGO” “Garbage in, garbage out.” Disinformation by press.

CHEMTRAILS song: Where is the air? Dancers acting out “hobbling” after chemtrail spray. Dancers are energetic and lively, until Chemtrail slows them down.

SHORT HAIR SHORTAGES SHUFFLE Song: Man drives up to gas pumps, which are actually dancers in costumes. He begins pumping gas. One hose(arm of dancer) reaches behind man and graps his crotch. He begins singing about "Shortages have us by the short hairs." The routine ends with two children are looking out the back window with confused faces. They are saying, "What future are you giving us?"

Future: Split stage. One side has hydrogen power, green fields and blue sky. The other side is filled with satanic tones, black, red, orange. Bad side shows enslavement, oppression. Space lasers take out dissidents. Emphasis will be on positive side. Majority of protagonist's family choose the positive side.

Additional songs in the works:
I DID IT FOR THE MISSES: Jack Ruby singing in a gangster voice about how he killed Oswald to "spare Mrs Kennedy from testifying at a trial." A stripper dances in the background.

WHO COULD DO THIS? An African woman and US Gay sing aabout aids. They appear sick. They ask who could create this awful thing. On a side stage are people working in a laboratory. They are wearing Klu Klux Klan robes.


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